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Three Dog Lodge is a place for relaxation, contemplation, and creativity.  If you're
into reading, writing, cooking, hiking, paddling or painting, we can't imagine a
better place to begin, or finish.  This page is devoted to some of the creativity
coming from ourselves and our guests.  If you have visited the Lodge, and wish to
contribute, contact your host, and we'll get it on this web page.  Enjoy.
Three Dog Lodge has a long tradition of bringing together cooks
and those who enjoy eating. Click here to look at some of the
favorites, or just to imagine the flavors.
Guest Book
A guest book resides at the Lodge.  If you want to review some
of our online contributions, read on.
This is an inspirational place.  Read some words inspired by
the beauty and spirit of Three Dog Lodge
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The Kitsap Peninsula is a magical place.  Take a look at some
of the offerings here.
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